Main Website

Joyfolie Website

                    Created a new website design and functionality with a more approachable and simplistic way-finding .
                    New site achieved a more customer friendly approach to shopping, and clearer featured items.
                    Closely worked with a team of developers to achieve the desired end goal.

                    Site upkeep consisted of having a "fresh" homepage every two to three weeks. Designing out eight
                    slider images featuring new product and items that would be in upcoming sales. Also changing
                    out static images to announce sales and keep customers coming back by showing new lifestyle imagery.
                    Embedded a live stream of shop-able Instagram posts.
                    Create and populate new "Trend & Features" categories every two to three weeks to highlight featured
                    products. Categories that linked to upcoming sales had to be created and populated as well, as often
                    as twice a week.


Joyfolie Website Blog

Joyfolie Blog

                  I incorporated wordpress into the back end of our website to have an interactive blog for our customers. Joyfolie believes in not only                          providing a good product to the customer but also developing a relationship and lifestyle.      

                  I was responsible for creating blog posts and designing them out as well. As long as working in Wordpress to upkeep the blog.